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Winter 2018/19 Team Captains
Team Div Team Captain Phone E-Mail Address
Break Time Immortals   B   Jon Hernandez 805-966-7769  
Break Time Pool Tang Clan   B   Brandon Luehrs 805-456-9366  
Break Time Tainted Nuns   A   Susan Huyler 805-636-0042  
Break Time Tyrants   A   Evan Henderson 805-698-8170  
Break Time Underdogs   B   Erika Sacks 805-448-7215  
Break Time Warriors   B   Kez Gillatt 805-455-1219  
Carp and Linden Pub   A   Daniel Cordero 805-570-0911  
Cliff Room 2   A   Greg Contreras 805-284-5135  
Cliff Room Knights   B   David Deanda 805-450-0638  
Don Q's 1   A   Jim Holloway 805-931-6298  
Don Q's Badgers   B   Jeremy Warner 805-729-1443  
Don Q's Sharks   A   Matt Carr 909-991-8906  
Don Q's Slow Start   A   Steve Moreno 805-717-7654  
Mel's Lounge 1   B   Kai Duex 805-453-2930  
Mel's Lounge Lizards   B   Steve Walker 805-259-9598  
Monty's Misfits   A   John Bushnell 805-450-0882  
Monty's Otters   A   Michael Craig 805-453-5210  
Moose Lodge 1   B   Mario Reyes 805-705-0722  
Moose Lodge 2   B   Alfonso Lazaro 805-451-8591  
Sportsman 1   A   Chris Ackler 805-259-7814  
Sportsman 2   B   Anthony Saenz 805-448-8808  
Uptown Lounge   A   Eric Kaiser 805-452-4169