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Before using a substitute, ask the sub if he or she has played for another team during the season.   Once a person has played for a bar, that person can play for no other bar during that season, unless the opposing captain gives the OK.   The exception is that a sub can play AT their bar for another team.

For example, Joe subs for Cliff Room 2.   Joe may then sub for ANY Cliff Room team.   Joe may also sub for another team (e.g. Monty's 3) IF AND ONLY IF Monty's 3 happens to be playing at the Cliff Room.

List of Available Substitutes
Player Name Fargo Phone Email Address Comments
Felicia Spurlock   Felicia Spurlock N/A 805-724-7941    
Helen Kramer   Helen Kramer N/A 805-407-4639    
Curtis Chambers   Curtis Chambers N/A 805-815-2247 mertchambers@gmail.com   Prefers Downtown SB
Bob Duley   Bob Duley 310 805-886-3336 bobbydeeohio@yahoo.com  
Phil Bradshaw   Phil Bradshaw 444 805-451-9159 p_bradshaw@yahoo.com  
Ryan Socha   Ryan Socha N/A 323-395-1116 ryanjsocha@gmail.com  
Sean Boyle   Sean Boyle N/A 805-570-6414 sean00boyle@gmail.com   Also available full time
  Looking for a team
Casey Black   Casey Black 445 805-403-6661 cblack@isolitesystems.com  
Jose Perez   Jose Perez 286 805-252-3928     Cliff Room sub
  Winter 2017/18
Bryan Georgi   Bryan Georgi N/A 805-455-7336     Prefers Break Time
Daniel Drnavich   Daniel Drnavich 413 763-200-3769 ddrnavich@yahoo.com  
Dana Ochoa   Dana Ochoa 390 805-705-4900 dana8a@gmail.com   Break Time sub
  Winter 2017/18
Art Phillipe   Art Phillipe 324 805-450-1269 ArtPhillipe@gmail.com  
Ryan Smith   Ryan Smith N/A 209-202-4299    
Ken Giles   Ken Giles N/A 805-724-7182     Prefers Break Time
Jazz Shepard   Jazz Shepard 501 805-448-3364     Don Q's sub
Tom Gallagher   Tom Gallagher 393 805-729-0033 tgallagher604@icloud.com  
Ken Atelian   Ken Atelian 488 805-708-3325    
Dean Quady   Dean Quady N/A 805-252-0267    
Matt Traube   Matt Traube N/A 781-223-8629 matt.traube@gmail.com  
Sam Sobell   Sam Sobell N/A 831-319-8714     Prefers Break Time
Tanner Shaw   Tanner Shaw 473 805-570-4275     Prefers Break Time
Arianna Pappas   Arianna Pappas N/A 516-592-0793 apmonkey0122@yahoo.com   Prefers Break Time
Glenn Taylor   Glenn Taylor N/A 805-315-2972 glenn-taylor@cox.net   Don Q's sub
Keith Gruel   Keith Gruel 216 805-403-3154    
David Schrader   David Schrader N/A 805-717-2296    
Adnan Abbas   Adnan Abbas N/A 805-570-0926 adnanabbas2@gmail.com   Don Q's or Break Time
Mark Garcia   Mark Garcia N/A 805-637-7945    
Scott Nason   Scott Nason N/A 805-356-4799 emailme@scottnason.net  
Kevin McFarland   Kevin McFarland N/A 386-316-8280    
Send us an email (sbpoolleague@cox.net) if you want to be added to or removed from the sub list.