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Winter Week 10 - 12/10/19
Brian Rueda   Brian Rueda L vs. Diego Auchstetter   Diego Auchstetter W
Rick Coe   Rick Coe L vs. Anthony Saenz   Anthony Saenz W
Kai Duex   Kai Duex W vs. Send your photo to   Raeanne Jourdan L
Kathy Sanchez   Kathy Sanchez L vs. Andy Reagan   Andy Reagan W
Loren Manser   Loren Manser L vs. Matt Nordin   Matt Nordin W
    Brian Rueda L vs.     Anthony Saenz W
    Rick Coe W vs.     Raeanne Jourdan L
    Kai Duex W vs.     Andy Reagan L
    Kathy Sanchez L vs.     Matt Nordin W
    Loren Manser L vs.     Diego Auchstetter W
    Brian Rueda W vs.     Raeanne Jourdan L
    Rick Coe L vs.     Andy Reagan W
    Kai Duex L vs.     Matt Nordin W
    Kathy Sanchez L vs.     Diego Auchstetter W
    Loren Manser L vs.     Anthony Saenz W